Our Services

Our virtual incubator helps you create more successful startups.
The services are divided in two stages, pre-starting business and during the business operation services.

Pre – starting business services
Our team of expertise is in position to support your pre-starting business with the following services:

    • Support during the development of the vision and business idea
    • Individual meetings with the experts regarding specific business issues
    • Development of business and marketing plan
    • Advising about the necessity of assembling a business management team, the importance of right business location and tips for finding good employees and customers
    • Advising the importance of dealing the competition
    • Supporting regarding the improvement of your communication skills and the manner of presentation in order “selling your ideas” to the customers or investors
    • Branding and developing products
    • Developing company’s logo, promotional material and business cards
    • Creation of web sites and social media profiles
    • Access to our data base of key domestic institution important for the business

During the business operation services
Our team of expertise is in position to support your operation business with the following services:

    • Mentoring and training on specific business topics
    • Promotion of the company, the business ideas and products
    • Consulting about managing finance and planning of the budget
    • Providing access to the available domestic and EU funds/loans
    • Supporting during the preparation of project ideas and finding donators
    • Maintenance of web site and social media
    • Organizing and scheduling meeting with different stakeholders
    • Advising on mandatory legal obligations arising from environmental legislation
    • Organization of different events and PR
    • Access to our data base of contacts regarding different business issues