HOMEMADE MAKALO made from home-made garlic, which is made manually in a traditional way similar to the one made by our grandmothers, with organic garlic and without artificial preservatives or other additives. Due to the specific way of making our product HOMEMADE MAKALO, after consuming the product, there is no unpleasant smell due to which the consumers usually avoid it. Our customers recognize this characteristic and now consume it without any problem warmly recommending it to other people.

This feature of our product together with the fact that it is 100% natural and healthy is the biggest advantage of our product over other products found on the market. In addition, due to these characteristics, the demand increases very quickly, which was the reason for opening a company and starting production in controlled conditions.

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Mrkelangelo’s kitchen

Our company deals with the production and sale of food in an unconventional way. A kind of “kitchen” that will function exclusively on the principle of preparation and delivery of food, without having that classic restaurant part for sitting guests.

Our mission is promoting human health and quality of life by producing and marketing high-quality, unique food produced from strictly selected foods.

Certified chef Martin Nikolovski has experience in food production and delivery, as well as in providing catering services for organized events. In addition, the team will include an assistant cook, a food delivery person and a coordinator of social networks and communication activities.

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Horti – Gardens

Horti – Gardens is company with main aim-controlled production of annual flowering plants, located in Negotino. Our company today has a greenhouse with an area of 40m2 which is equipped with two wooden shelves in which seedling production is carried out in controlled conditions that are constantly monitored. To our respected customers, those who love flowers we can offer the following flowers: Petunia duvet, Petunia Explorer, Vinca, Petunia tritunia, Impatiens, Pelagronium and hortum maverick.

Our company works on a different principle that will provide consumers with flowers that are grown in our region, adapted to our climatic conditions that will surely beautify your every day until the end of autumn, with a full flower that is breathtaking.

For more information about our company please visit www.hortigardens.com.mk

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Ristovski Media

We are creating a video production at a refined and modern approach in this activity. Our energy is focused on creating photographic and video materials, producing films that will be of national benefit or will help private companies to more easily present their product or service, to create their own brand marketing and market recognition.

We possess many years of dedicated work and experience gained in this field, prompt and timely delivery of materials to customers, possession of modern equipment, following world trends and application of innovative solutions, etc.

For more information please visit us: www.ristovskimedia.mk

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TRIBEbox aims to be the first Beauty subscription box in the country. It is a service or subscription that is a set of personalized products for beauty, care, face, body, hair, nail care, delivered directly to your door or selected address, making it easy to buy, discover new products, and nurturing your passion for trying out new and existing brands.

Tribe Box strive to be intended for everyone, and to break the taboo that Skin Care or care for our face and body should be limited to age, gender or skin type and color.

The company’s mission is to offer a new platform and service to the market that will replace the traditional purchase of products and will connect customers with authorized suppliers, as well as with new brands and products, which they would receive at their address.

For more information about the way of subscription and using our services please visit us!

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Tourist Guide Kostoski

If you want to visit Macedonia and especially Ohrid City you are at the right place!

We are offering you broad services related to cultural and natural monuments, different type of accommodation, music and dancing performances, extensive information and introduction of Ohrid City and its beauties.

In addition, one of our team members is musician with long-term membership in several orchestras and cultural and artistic societies and participant in several festivals in Macedonia and abroad which gives you great opportunity to visit cultural and music performances in Ohrid and our country!

If you want to visit more for less time please visit our web site.

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