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Check your business idea

Please send short description of your business idea to the following e-mail address: Your idea shall be developed at the application form available here. Application forms are admitted all the time but evaluated once per month. If your idea is innovative with potential for growth you will be contacted for further consideration.

Developing your business idea

The selected companies/applicants together with our experts shall develop their business plans according the template and methodology of the Virtual Incubator. Main aim is to plan the resources well as can be easier for further development and potential financing.


After developing the business plan candidate companies are being registered officially and are subject of mentorship process of at least 3 months. The mentorship is conducted by relevant experts from different fields depending on the idea, needs and type of business. However, financial and marketing field are default fields which are mandatory for all companies.

Access to finance

When mentorship is completed and company is ready for operation, VINT is ready to support company at seeking investments and potential financing.

Successful stories

Our mebers companies

Thanks to your support and mentorship regarding what is the best for our company you helped us to make the right decision, to start achieving our mission and vision. Thanks to you our idea was developed at business plan and together we made market analysis. We are honestly were thankful for this……

With the expert team we managed to define our need and commitment in the realization of our business idea. It is important that someone helps you and encourages your potential when you need it most. Not every one of us is skilled enough in every area of ​​company management, but with your mentoring support at all stages, from establishing to finding potential clients, it is more than enough to get started.

The support was very helpful and encouraged the acceleration of the processes we had already imagined. It motivated us to react decisively and complete the administrative procedures for starting our business.

We expect the virtual incubator to be a supporter of the growth and development process of our company in the future.

The project motivated us to start the business and open the company. Without the team we would encourage ourselves to start and open the company. Their assistance was very helpful and we expect to receive it in the future while growing our company…

Developing marketing campaigns with which I gained potential clients for the season in a short time. Advise for using social networks properly. The team helped me with reaching out new foreign markets during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Which groups should I focus on for successful planning of the festivals this year, given the still present restrictions on events due to COVID 19 pandemic

Virtual Incubator enable assistance at establishing the company, preparation of marketing and business plan, accounting services, marketing services as well as needed equipment for starting business. The biggest support was the mentorship that I received while I had a chance to precisely define the details for starting and running my business. If they didn’t give this opportunity, I wouldn’t been here today!


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